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Choisissez votre formule

  • Templates for You

    Communicate the right way, right away
    • Choose one of the following:
    • Email template
    • cover letter template
    • personal letter template
    • Possible to upgrade to ghostwritten letter
  • Ceremony Templates

    Get the foundation to create the ceremony of your dreams
    • Full Ceremony Template
    • Speaking Prompts for Toasts
    • Personalized Approach
  • Complete package

    Complete spoken word ceremony
    • If it needs to be Spoken, it will be Written
    • Up to 4 meetings to build your ceremony your way
    • Free Templates of your choice (Email, Personal Letter)
    • The satisfaction you did things your way
  • Upgrade #1

    Only applicable if you purchased a regular plan
    • Group templates for various types of email
  • Upgrade #2

    Only applicable if you purchased a regular plan
    • Toast, homage, or obituary
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